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Everything you need to know about car decals

Car Decal –

A statement of attitude or personal expression, a car decal can be both. But while some people view them as an opportunity to express themselves, others see them as nothing more than an inconvenience that lowers the value of their car. Here we take a look at both sides of the argument.

What are they?

Car stickers come in all shapes and size 2 car decals they’re basically stickers for your car – not just rear windshields anymore but also mud flaps, door handles and anywhere else you can think to stick them. Car decals aren’t likely to go away anytime soon either, because car owners purchase car decals for a number of reasons: personal expression, safety and even for show value.

Are car stickers legal?

Vehicle stickers are regulated by state and local laws, so they may vary from place to place. In some cases car stickers are illegal in certain areas depending on their size or placement, but car decals really come under fire when it comes to the issue of car window tinting vs car window tint. Offending car decals can interfere with the purpose of having car window film, which is to protect your privacy while reducing heat build up inside your vehicle – too much sun in through your windows can make your car hot and uncomfortable; car decals reduce your car’s overall value if they obstruct car window tinting.

What are car decals made of?

Car Window Tint vs Car Decal While car window film can be made from many different materials like polyester, ceramic or high-tech films like CPA, most car decals are composed of 3 types: Vinyl (PVC), Static Cling and Removable Material; the difference between car decals has to do with what you see when their applied.

How much do car stickers cost?

A small car sticker only costs around $10 USD while larger designs can run up to $100 depending on detail and craftsmanship. Wholesale prices for large car decal stickers can run as low as $3 a car sticker.

What color car decals should I get?

The best car decals are those that match your car’s paint or even highlight its features like rims and spoilers – white car stickers for example, look great on black cars because they stand out without looking gaudy; they’re also better suited to stick onto car windows compared to car colors which may be too dark. It is noted however, that most car window tinting film manufacturers don’t recommend light colored car stickers (white and silver especially) because their stickiness and UV properties aren’t up to scratch when used with tinted windows. Colour co-ordination is still important though so if you do use car decals; make sure you check with car window tinting film companies like car window tint.

What car decal is best for me?

This depends on what kind of car owner you are. Car stickers are most popular among young people who have just purchased their first car but want to express themselves in some way. Other car owners place car decals on their cars because they believe that doing so makes them safer – especially truck drivers trying to drive through rough terrain at speed, where there’s a high chance of being bumped by other motorists. A car decal can help notify nearby drivers of your presence when they might otherwise not see you, making the roads a little bit safer for everyone. Disabled car owners also put car decals on their car for safety because many car decal stickers come with handicap car decals that helps them stand out from other cars.


In conclusion car window tinting film manufacturers have determined that car window tint is the most effective way of protecting your car’s interior, as well as ensuring that car windshields do not get damaged during an accident. If you opt to use a car decal they recommend light colored ones so as not to hinder your car’s value by obstructing car window tint. For more information about vehicle decals and vehicle graphics contact one of our professional representatives today!


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