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Famous Celebrities who love bingo 

It can be hard to imagine seeing a celebrity at the local bingo hall, it is almost the exact opposite of the glamorous places that the rich and famous would be visiting – play today. Yet there have been reports and sightings of celebrities enjoying nights out playing bingo, below are some celebrities who are big bingo fans. 

Catherine Zeta Jones 

Famous actress Catherine Zeta Jones may be known as a Hollywood starlet today but you may find it surprising that the actress originally comes from Wales! It seems that the actress has never forgotten her roots either, as she regularly enjoys trips back to her hometown. Her relationship with bingo began when she was young and her parents won a huge amount of money playing bingo, this sum was enough to be able to send her to dance and drama school! It seems as if Catherine Zeta Jones has never forgotten that bingo did this for her as she allegedly hosts bingo parties for her friends and plays regularly at christmas time with her family. Clearly Hollywood hasn’t changed her that much as her love of bingo has persisted since childhood. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Professional athletes are completely different to actors and yet there are examples of them loving bingo. This is also an example of how bingo can be used in other ways. When he first signed for Manchester United Football Club, Cristiano Ronaldo was only a young teenager from Portugal. He wasn’t as fluent in the English language as he is today. Recognising that he needed to be able to properly communicate with manager Alex Fergurson as well as his teammates, Ronaldo decided to use bingo as a tool to better understand the English language. Through watching bingo DVDs, Ronaldo was able to pick up specific words and phrases of the language. Ronaldo’s love of bingo continued even after he properly learnt English, he once even described Bingo as being ‘very exciting’ to a newspaper in his home country. 

Robbie Williams 

Musicians are also known to love bingo! Former Take That member and solo superstar Robbie Williams regularly hosts charity bingo events, both in the United States and his native England. These events are for a good cause and are regularly attended by celebrity guest stars. Charities such as breast cancer awareness are usually the recipients of such events. Allegedly, Robbie Williams even enjoys bingo games in private, hosting bingo games for his friends and family behind closed doors. 

Gary Barlow 

Robbie Williams is not alone as being a Take That member who is a fan of bingo, Gary Barlow is also known to enjoy a game! Barlow has admitted that he is a fan of the game whilst away on tour. Barlows love for bingo has also reached extremes when he allegedly played a game of bingo with his celebrity friends during his tenth wedding anniversary! Barlow has also hosted bingo nights at his house which have been attended by a variety of people including fellow bingo lover Robbie Williams. 


It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, whether it be binman or rock star, footballer or teacher, bingo can be enjoyed by absolutely anybody. That is the true beauty of the game.

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