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Five high-paying careers in education you need to know about

The field of education is dedicated to developing generations of well-learned kids, youth, and adults. The effort that goes into becoming an educator cannot be rewarded enough in any form, especially money. However, teachers and other educators are already considered overworked and underpaid, so there is no point in saying that people go into this field to make huge bucks. Teachers receive lesser than the federally defined minimum wage limits at most places.  But many people still go into this field and agree to work more than an average employee in the office. Ever wonder why? You cannot be an educator without the passion of bringing change in the lives of others. This job is simply not enough to pay for your luxuries,but you will see many educators are happy with their job and the amount of work they have to do. But it does not mean that educators don’t strive to acquire promotions, a better pay scale, or more respect among their peers.

Career options for educators

The desire to excel is present everywhere. It keeps you going and developing not just for your own sake but also for others. Many teachers go into specialized fields such as special education. Here we must say that special education is also one of the lucrative fields in education. Hence, more educators are obtaining degrees in special education. Currently, remote learning opportunities have made this even easier. The Online MAT in Special Education is one of the famous degree tracks attracting many educators from left and right. Special education teachers work with gifted and special students and help them with reading, writing,and numerical skills,not to mention communication and other life skills. The average salary of a special education teacher is $50,885 per year. Nevertheless, it increases with years of experience, and the state of working also has some impact.

Apart from special education, many administrative and leadership positions are also available for educators. Other lucrative careers open to you in the field include:

  1. Principal of a school

Many teachers dream of becoming a principal after completing a few years of teaching. A principal is primarily an administrative head of a school and looks after the academic and non-academic staff. Though, in some institutions, they take some class lectures too. They are responsible for their recruitment, hiring, training and development, and orientation. Principals ensure that a healthy learning and working environment is available to the students and teachers.

Moreover, they ensure smooth working, develop study schedules and timetables, and ensure the attendance of teachers in classrooms. Like a captain of the ship, a principal makes sure that the school is going in the right direction. The average salary of a high school principal is $91,342 per year. To become a principal, you must have at least a master’s degree coupled with five years of working experience in school. Later you might have to take an exam and qualify for transitioning to administrative roles.

  1. College administrator

Just like a principal of the school, a college or university administrator ensures the day-to-day operations of a college or university. The responsibilities involve budgeting, organizing events, taking disciplinary actions, and managing relations with internal and external stakeholders. As a college or university administrator, you must ensure that the institution can pass through a crisis period and carry on with its operations. Therefore, you must have administrative and leadership skills to manage the operations. This is not just a high responsibility position, but it is high paying too. An education administrator can make $97,500 per year. The earnings range can vary depending on your state, years of experience, and employer. Some institutions highly value the services of their administrators and pay them well for their services.

  1. Health educators

As the title implies, the job of a health educator is to guide students about keeping healthy and developing habits that bestow them with long-term vitality. They also work in communities and devise and administer strategies to increase community health. As a health educator, you may need to work with local healthcare providers frequently. You can also earn a handsome sum for your services. According to salary.com, you can make an average salary of $67,288 per year.

  1. Professor

Being a professor is a very respectful position. In a university or college, your primary association is with the subjects that you teach your students. In some institutions, professors also need to conduct research and laboratory work leading to new publications and discoveries. These researches are often published in academic journals under the name of the professors. The number of research publications can significantly boost the career of academic professors in higher education institutions. You need a minimum of a master’s degree to qualify for this position. However, these days, many institutions prefer their teachers to have a doctorate in their respective subjects. In the 2020-21 academic year, a professor’s salary was $101,810 per year. This salary is subject to your employer and your employability status. A full-time professor makes significantly more than a part-time professor in a university.

  1. Guidance counselor

The role of guidance counselors is very important in leading the students on the right academic and professional track. They are a great source of help for parents, as they can help them mutually reach a career decision for their kids. It is not uncommon for kids to struggle academically or mentally in schools. Students often face adjustment issues or bullying in the hand of more assertive students. Many even feel isolated, especially young children trying to develop their distinct voice. Guidance counselors also help such students.

Moreover, they discuss students’ academic and career aspirations and help them choose the right university or specialization. They also help students preparefor entrance exams of many institutions and outline their requirements. They may be working independently or in affiliation with a high school or college. The average pay of a guidance counselor is $52,769 per year, which is considered a good sum in education.


The field of education is very vast; you will find a constellation of careers where many often pay well. But the best part about a job in education is the satisfaction. Feeling good about your work that revolves around helping others and developing better generations of students is incomparable to anything else.


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