Four Benefits of Using Cloud-based Earthwork Software

Interested in harnessing the power of drone survey data to optimize workflows for your construction company? From enabling better bidding to reducing rework, promoting sustainability to improving safety on the jobsite, construction teams are using drone data and the outputs created by drone data processing platforms in every step of a project from start to finish.

So, what do you do with the drone data you collect after flying your site? The Propeller Aero cloud-based processing platform does the “heavy lifting” for you by turning photographs and geospatial data into 3D models and topographical maps that help project teams monitor progress, manage costs, and prevent delays. Here are four key benefits you can expect when you implement cloud-based earthwork software to streamline your workflows and optimize your operations.

1. You don’t need to invest in expensive hardware technology

One of the primary benefits of cloud-based software is that you and your company won’t have to invest in expensive computers to access the data from your drone surveys. Previously, software was locally based (not in the cloud), requiring expensive hardware installation and immense computing power to run, both of which are significant operational costs in addition to the software itself.

2. You can access drone data from any device

Propeller’s browser-based platform can run on mobile devices, which means that construction crews on the ground can continue their work without heading back to the office for updates or to check progress. With the handy app, you have instant access to drone data anywhere you can get an internet connection. This is especially helpful for crews working in the field, and with Propeller’s “Crew” add-on app, office teams can create and share interactive 2D maps, designs, and earthworks progress with their crews as they work at the site.

3. You can regularly update team members and other stakeholders

Cloud-based platforms allow you to easily share data with the people who need to see it the most. For earthworks projects, that includes team members working on the ground and key stakeholders alike. Propeller’s cloud-based data processing platform makes sharing data and collaboration easy—all you have to do is send an email link the specific data to your team. At the touch of a button, they receive instant access to 3D site surveys, and even specific measurements of key features at a worksite.

Not only do workers on site appreciate access to up-to-date information that makes their job easier and safer, but stakeholders also value frequent updates regarding the project status.

4. You won’t need to tie up extra resources to process drone data

Cloud-based earthworks software, like the Propeller Platform, features an all-in-one data processing solution, helping you save time and money. By outsourcing all aspects of data processing, you don’t need to purchase special hardware, and you don’t have to allocate your machines to process the data, which can often take more than 12 hours. In short, you save hardware costs and labor hours.

Scale your earthworks business with cloud-based software

Professionals in the earthworks and excavation industry are finding drone survey data invaluable in all aspects of a project. Cloud-based solutions streamline and simplify drone data processing, giving earthworks teams up-to-the-minute insights into conditions on the ground, ensuring projects stay on time and on budget and maximizing revenue for construction companies worldwide.

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