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How Do Dislikes Impact on YouTube Videos?

When growing a blog on youtube, many people pay a lot of attention to getting likes. But what do they do if they see dislikes on their video? Mostly, they simply get upset. And many users also try to reach the goal that is in fact impossible to reach – eliminate dislikes on their channel, and stop receiving them at all. But dislikes can be very useful for you and bring many insights into your progress on the platform.

There are situations when you may think about the reasons to buy dislikes on YouTube. Why? Well, in this article are gathered the reasons why you actually need dislikes and how they really affect your growth on youtube.

Do Dislikes Impact My Ratings Negatively?

Yes, and no. It is impossible to answer completely because this matter has many additional factors which have to be taken into account. In general, if we consider the algorithm of YouTube, dislikes can bring positive influence, as this is also a sort of user activity on your channel – if people watch your video and hit a dislike, their view still is counted in. And on the other hand, if the user clicks a dis, it means they didn’t appreciate your content, hence, it is possible that your materials won’t appear before the sight not only of this particular viewer but many others from your target group.

That is how the system works – youtube analyzes all activity of a certain user on the platform and then uses this data to form recommended content and an “Up Next” list. This is done in order to keep users on the platform as long as possible. And due to this motive, getting many dislikes can impact your channel negatively – YouTube won’t consider your content engaging enough.

What Do Viewers Think Of Dislikes?

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Generally – nothing. Mostly, when people choose the video they would like to check out, they pay more attention to primary attraction factors:

  • Thumbnails
  • Video titles

Everything else, including the number of likes and dislikes, doesn’t concern them much. Users notice dislikes as they want to leave their own dis to your video, or if they begin analyzing your content more deeply. Finding that you have got a lot of dislikes on your video can be a surprise to them. Remember that clicking the dislike button takes more effort, so the motivation to do that is stronger.

Why Do People Hit Dislikes?

When you receive a bunch of dislikes on your content, this is the first question that has to emerge in your mind. Getting a negative reaction to your videos is a reason to revise your content making thoroughly and try to find out the reason. The most common reasons for users to dislike a video are:


  • Low-quality content. Nowadays users have become more demanding, and they pay attention to the technical skills of creators. Poor editing or montage can ruin even the best idea
  • Irrelevant information. When users watch your video, they have certain expectations of what they are about to see. If you give wrong or misleading information, or simply don’t reveal anything valuable to them, you are most likely to get a dis.
  • Controversial content. Some bloggers try to drive interest to their channels by posting videos that include controversial actions or opinions. Truth to be told, such an approach does get a lot of attention, but it also a straight direction to lots of dislikes.
  • Boredom. In this context – your videos are boring: too prolonged, filled with useless information, or simply pointless. People often utilize youtube as a source of educational information in an engaging form. And they can get really irritated when the video doesn’t meet their expectations.
  • The personality of the creator. The charisma and manners of the speaker can impact the perception of your video a lot. If you don’t seem like an interesting and engaging entrepreneur, you might get many dislikes. This reason is a bit subjective, yet, it cannot be neglected in the list, because people often get irritated about things that can be fixed.

What Should I Do If I Get Many Dislikes?

First of all, receiving many dislikes to a particular video is a direction to revise the difference between this video and other materials, which have achieved less negative reactions. Along with hitting the button, people often leave their impressions in the comment section, explaining their motivation to do so. Examine what people say – in most cases, you will find the reasons for disappointment there.

Also, you must analyze your progress in dynamic – see how many dislikes you get on average. A good way to understand and eliminate the negative impression is to ask the audience directly, what exactly they don’t appreciate in your materials. There is a high chance that you will receive the answer that will help you.

In case people dislike your personality – there are fewer options to choose from. First of all, it means that you have chosen the wrong target group, which doesn’t resonate with you. Or, in other cases, you are a poor host. Luckily, these reasons can be fixed, again, using communication with the audience.

How To Create Likeable Content?

Here are a few tips for you, which will help you to create videos that will achieve much more likes and provide growth of your channel.

  • Pay attention to the technicalities

As it was mentioned before, modern users have high demands for the content they consume. And the current technical capability of smartphones offers quality that is good enough for creating decent videos. Of course, in the perspective of your progress, you should eventually change your gear to an action camera or DLSR, but in each case, you have to get some filming and editing skills, especially light setup.

Also, users will pay attention to the details like your background and your looks. When you are filming, make sure your surroundings are cleaned up, and yourself is looking great – no stray hairs or toothpaste on your cheek :)

  • Provide value to your materials

The competition is incredibly high in most niches, and this point is one the hardest to fulfill. But if your posts don’t bring any worth to the viewers, you will lose the potential of it. Along with exclusive materials, users highly appreciate fresh ideas in hosting the video. Try to open up the topic from an unusual angle and always care for the entertainment and engagement of your videos. The goal is to make viewers want to leave a comment, hit the like button, and subscribe to your channel voluntarily.

  • Address the right audience

When you create your videos, you must define clearly, who is the target audience of your content. Hitting the right people is what triggers your success on the platform. People who aren’t interested in your materials, may not dislike your posts, but they certainly won’t bring you any progress points. So, when you have defined the purpose and theme of your channel, examine thoroughly who will be interested in watching it.

  • Expose your personality

Youtube is a social platform, hence people want to meet other people. Infusing the channel with your personal charisma is a great way to retain the viewer and create a bond with them, as your experience resonates with them. The level of exposure depends on you – what you want to be private, will be private, but without sharing your thoughts and opinions, it will be harder for you to establish a bond with your viewers.

  • Be consistent

This matter concerns your schedule and your channel topic as well. Users want to receive new materials regularly and will be irritated if you suddenly change your content theme. The perfect frequency of uploading videos on YouTube is around 3 times a week. The least number which allows supporting a constant online presence is once a week. Some bloggers manage to post new materials daily, but this is an optional thing, and it often depends on the niche and format of the video.


Getting dislikes on your channel is an unpleasant factor that occurs even to the most popular influencers of the platform. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and improve your content according to the reaction you received. To be able to discover the reason, you must establish communication with your audience, so they will share their thoughts and help you to improve your performance. Use the experience of other bloggers as your inspiration.


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