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How much does it cost to live close to the best colleges and schools in Madrid and Barcelona

For a family looking for housing, whether buying or renting, one of the most important and even determining factors is proximity to schools or colleges. Also, if the college is one of the best in Spain, would that affect the price? To look for the best prices on the market check out Spain-Real.Estate website. The choice of the property agencies in Spain on the website is quite wide so you will be able to find something suitable for yourself.

How does a nearby academy affect the cost of housing? 

According to the El Mundo newspaper rating, living in the nearest streets (within a radius of 500 to 2000 meters) from the best schools throughout the country does not increase the sale or rent price (relative to how much it costs to live in the respective areas).

According to a CBRE Residential and Valuations area study, accommodation in the San Patricio (Chamartin) area costs €18,36 per square meter a month, this is the most expensive option in the capital. In Barcelona, you will have to pay a rent of €16,36 per square meter a month to live near the Montserrat school, in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi area. Therefore, when buying a home next to the Montserrat school in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona (fifth in the El Mundo ranking), be prepared to pay an average of €5.168 per square meter.

As you can see, the proximity to colleges does not affect the cost of an apartment in the area. The only exception is the Meres school (in the Asturian municipality of Siero). If you want to buy an apartment as close to the college as possible, you need to pay an average of €1.591 per square meter, compared to an average price of €1.175 per square meter in the region.

Some of the prominent s in Spain are:

  • Agora International School
  • American School of Madrid
  • British Council School
  • Hastings School Madrid

Prices in Barcelona

As mentioned earlier, the most expensive rent and purchase of housing in the area with the school Montserrat, according to the rating of El Mundo. This area of ​​Sarrià-Sant Gervasi is considered one of the most expensive in Barcelona:

  • the average selling price per square meter of housing exceeds €5.700, 
  • the rent exceeds €19 per square meter a month.

On the other hand, living close to La Vall Barcelona, ​​in the municipality of Barbera del Valles, is the most economical option, both in the case of sale and rental.

The average selling price of housing per square meter near a college is €1.943 (compared to €2.149 per square meter of housing in the area), and in the case of rent, the price per square meter is almost €10 a month, as everywhere else in municipality Barbera del Valles.

Prices in Madrid

One of the most expensive properties near La Salle Ntra College. Sra. Maravillas in the Chamartin area has a sale price of €6.720 per square meter. At the same time, in the case of renting, living in the vicinity of San Patricio, also in Chamartina, would be the most expensive option since a square meter here costs more than €18 a month. For real estate next to the Liceo Europeo school, in case of purchase, you will have to pay €5.407 per square meter, which is 54% higher than the average €3.506 for the district.

Real estate in Spain

When choosing real estate it is vital paying attention to the infrastructure of the chosen area. Having your property near the best schools and colleges will guarantee the best education for your children and grandchildren. Visit Spain-Real. Estate website and find the property that will meet all your requirements!


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