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How to Bet on Greyhounds – Best Betting Tips

Learn how to find the best options for Greyhound Racing with our betting tips.

As everyone knows, a sport betting has a very wide variety of options, whether in markets or sports. However, there are those considered “darlings” of bettors, and it is not always a common sport.

Among these options, one that is highly sought after is Greyhound racing. Withinteresting odds, the modality draws attention for having fast events, allowing you to increase your bankroll with agility, as long as you win.

To help you get to know this market better, we will help you with the best tips for betting on Greyhounds, as well as explaining how this market works, which is very interesting, check it out!

What are Greyhounds?

A greyhound is nothing more than a breed of dog of English origin, used to hunt hares. With very striking characteristics, a greyhound can have up to 76 centimeters if it is male, and 71 centimeters if it is female.

With a gentle, calm and athletic personality, the race is considered the fastest in the world, reaching up to 72 km/h. A greyhound race is very reminiscent of a horse race, however, with the difference that there is no one in charge but the animal, so it only depends on it for the victory.

How to bet on Greyhounds?

The first step, of course, is to register with an online bookmaker that has the greyhound racing option. To do this, all you need to do is be of legal age, that is, be at least 18 years old.

The good news is that the sport is present in practically all companies, which have seen the growth and interest of players in the sport. Other good deal is enjoying the bonus unibetingyenesfogadás. That way you can increase your profit.

Possible markets

Here are some betting markets to choose in Greyhounds racing.


This is a very simple option to understand. In it, all you have to do is choose which Galgo will win and hope for it to come first.

Winner or Second Place

Following the same logic of the first option, in this one, Galgo has a “teaspoon”, and can come in first or second place so that the bet is the winner.

Greyhound not to be in the Top2

This option is the opposite of the one mentioned above. In this type, the player chooses a Greyhound not to reach 1st or 2nd place, ie, reaching a maximum of 3rd, the entry is won.


This type of bet is pretty bold. In it, the bettor must choose the winner and who will reach the second position, hitting both to win.

Greyhounds Events

To enter the world of greyhound racing, it is essential to know the types of events that exist, after all, there are several events practically every day, and in this way the beginner bettor can get lost.

The tests are divided into short, medium and long in terms of total distance. In short, the course is up to 300 meters long, a fact that makes the males have an advantage.

In the medium tests, from 300 to 515 meters, the forces are already equalized between male and female, depending a lot on the animal itself.

The long races are all over 515 meters, and in this case the females are usually the ones to take advantage, as they tend to be more resistant.


In the Greyhound race the events are divided into eight categories

  1. A
  2. OR
  3. HP
  4. H
  5. E
  6. S
  7. B
  8. D.

Confused? Calm down; let’s explain it to you in a didactic way, as it is very simple.

Category A

Within category A we have variants. From A1 to A3, they are considered 1st Division animals, the elite, that is, the animals that present the best performances. The “2nd Division” are the categories from A4 to A8, with good animals that must evolve, but which have not yet reached their maximum.

Finally, ending category A, we have the “3rd Division”, which are grouped from A9 to A11. These are considered the worst greyhounds in groupA, or those that are at the beginning of their career.

OR and HP categories

In the first one, it is a race where any animal is allowed to participate, regardless of its level.

In the second, it’s a kind of handicap, with greyhounds starting from different positions, and not in an aligned line.

Categories H and E and S

In category H the races are hurdles, raising the level of difficulty of the tests.

On the E and S, greyhounds are distributed by category as in A, however, in long journeys, ranging from 700 to 800 meters on the E, and 600 meters on the S.

Categories B and D

In category B, the events are with greyhounds that have never won in category A, serving as an experience for the animals.

In D, they are short events, below 300 meters, with tests lasting about 30 seconds.

How to analyze the Greyhound market?

To analyze a greyhound bet we can take into account two factors, which are: recent performance and age.

Champion animals tend to maintain a good level throughout their career, as long as they have no injuries. So, keep an eye on performance, and look for bets on greyhounds that are in events frequently, and of course, come from good performances.

When it comes to age, a well-groomed greyhound can reach up to 13 years old. However, for racing, its peak is only 4 years old, so it is interesting not to bet on animals older than that.

Another point is that “promises” are always good options. Therefore, if an animal is young and already evolving, it is a candidate to overthrow the event’s favorite.

Keeping an eye on these two points it is possible to arrive at good greyhound options to bet, varying according to each event.



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