How to emporium CBD Oil?

Finding the best CBD oil to enjoy its health and wellness effects is no less than a challenge. Do you know by storing CBD oil properly, you can get its beneficial effects over an extended time? Taking a few steps could ensure your CBD oil, edibles, and CBD pills maintain their consistency and quality over a long time.

Just like other supplements and food, CBD has a limited shelf life. After some time, it starts losing its flavor and potency. Does CBD oil expire? Let us jump straight into it.

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Does CBD oil expire?

The short answer is yes. Like any other natural product, CBD loses its potency and effects over time. The degradation process under the influence of light, heat, and air breakdown cannabis compounds. For this reason, CBD oil is kept in the dark, dry, and airtight bottles.

However, taking care of few things ensures your oil maintains its cannabinoid profile and taste until you reach the end of the bottle.

Shelf life of CBD oil

Depending upon the type of CBD oil, the shelf life of your oil can vary. The quality, packaging, and storage are factors that can affect how long your oil is fit for consumption.

On average, an unopened CBD bottle is good to consume within 18-24 months. However, a properly stored opened CBD oil bottle maintains its potency and quality for six months.

The CBD oil extraction method can also influence its shelf life. Extracting CBD from hemp paste using heat allows precursor acids to change into cannabinoids. This process extends the shelf life and durability of cannabis CBD oil.

Can CBD oil go bad? Yes. Despite following the best storage practices, CBD oil can lose potency and taste after some time. It means CBD oil has an expiry date. Let us discuss it in more detail.

CBD oil expiration

Does CBD oil have an expiry date? Yes, all CBD oils are the best before the expiry date, after which they do not remain stable and useable.

All CBD oils offered by established manufacturers have an expiry date. It is a good practice to check the expiry date before purchasing the cannabis extracted products.

CBD oil storage

When CBD oil is stored in a dark, dry, and cold place properly, it maintains its potency and freshness for an extended time. Placing the CBD oil bottle in a fridge and freezer can keep your stuff fresh for the maximum possible period. For most users who take CBD oil as a supplement, a bottle of cannabis oil usually lasts within a month. In such a case, storing it in the fridge is not essential.

CBD placed inside a freezer becomes thick and cloudy after freezing. Keep it outside the freezer for some time; otherwise, it becomes difficult to dispense.

Do CBD gummies expire?

Like all other CBD products, CBD edibles undergo changes over time that make them less potent and unpleasant to eat. Since cannabidiol starts to disintegrate after some time, usually two years, all CBD products have a finite shelf life.

Proper shelving can extend the life of your CBD edibles, but inevitably you need to replace them after a few years. Even products that never opened start losing potency and flavor.

Expired CBD oil

As mentioned earlier, CBD oil does expire just like any food or supplement. Over time these products start degrading and eventually expire. So, what happens when you take an expired oil?

Taking expired oil probably would not make you feel sick. Since CBD oil begins to degrade and lose potency over time, you would not get therapeutic effects after using expired CBD oil.

To experience the best CBD effects, we only recommend using CBD oil before its expiry date. Therefore, it is good practice to check the expiry date before purchasing CBD oil. Always use your CBD capsules, edibles, and oil within the best use date to enjoy the best potency and flavor.



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