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How to Find the Best Translation Services for Technical Documents

Finding someone to translate a story, a blog post or even a video is not that difficult. There are many companies out there that are capable of providing a decent job, especially now that technology has given us access to a very wide global resource pool. But when it comes to translation services for technical documents, that is a different matter altogether. Technical translation is a very specialized task and you will need to exert extra effort to find someone who can deliver quality results.

Unique Challenges in Technical Translation

Aside from fluency in the language and the usual requirements for regular translation jobs, there are many other crucial factors to consider when searching for translation services for technical documents.

To start with, the translator needs to be knowledgeable in the subject matter. They will have to be capable of translating all sorts of technical language such as scientific terminologies, academic jargon, and so on. In many instances, the translator will have to do a lot of research in order to fully understand the topic, and only then can they do a correct and proper translation.

In some languages, there will be no direct translation of these terms at all. The translator will have to make do by explaining the concepts as clearly and as similar to the original context as possible. Thus, the translator needs to have some creativity and a lot of resourcefulness in order to do the job well.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Translation Services for Technical Documents

Now that you understand the difficulties that come with technical translation jobs, the next step is to actually start the search for the right person or company to entrust with your project. Here are some of the most important criteria you should consider when conducting your search.

Experience in Technical Translation

You should never rely on an inexperienced company to provide translation services for technical documents, especially if they do not have certifications or any proof of expertise. Hiring a new translator might be alright for regular projects but when it comes to technical content, it’s better to stick with someone with experience.

Take note that experience in just any kind of translation doesn’t count. They should have been able to deliver quality work on technical documents in the past just so you know that they are actually capable of doing the job. It would be a plus if they have stellar feedback from past clients who have hired them for similar projects.

Quality of Translation

It’s hard to determine at the get-go just how good a translator is going to be. For this, you might have to rely on what they claim to be able to do, along with reviews from clients that they have worked with in the past. Ask them about their translation process and their quality control procedures. If at all possible, also ask to see samples of previous work, especially those in the same target language as yours.


Before you hire a company to translate your documents, they should be able to give you an estimate of how long the job is going to take. You don’t want to spend a very long time waiting so you would give preference to a translator with a relatively fast turnaround time. On the other hand, doing a job too quickly might result in poor work quality. Translation services for technical documents take a bit longer than regular translation so you should keep that in mind as well.

Human Translation

There are many providers of translation services for technical documents these days that have surprisingly fast turnaround times. It seems impressive at first until you read the translation carefully and quickly realize that it was done by a machine. These translations do not flow naturally and are sometimes not even accurate.

The only way to avoid this is by hiring a company that actually uses human translators. Sometimes they might use machines for assistance but the final pass should always be done by a highly qualified human with extensive knowledge in the technical subject matter.

World-Class Translation Services for Technical Documents at Affordable Rates

Considering all the complexities involved in translating technical documents, it is no surprise that the cost can be considerably higher than that of a regular translation job. But of course, you still need to find the most reasonable rate for superior quality performance. That is exactly what you can get if you choose Circle Translations.

As far as translation services for technical documents are concerned, Circle Translations is the company that you can trust. They have a loyal client base of more than 900 companies from all over the world and high fluency in more than 100 language pairs. No matter what the industry or the difficulty level of the technical content, Circle Translations can deliver the high quality results that you are looking for.

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