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How to use vpn on Iphone

The demand for “apple” products is at an all-time high level. And all for the reason that it is when working on iOS you can guarantee maximum protection for your data. But nothing is perfect, so when you access the Internet from an unfamiliar Wi-Fi hotspot, you can simply give the attackers all your passwords and banking data.

That’s the reason why, despite the reliability of iOS, you need to know how to enable a VPN on your iPhone. Also, if you know how to set up a VPN on the iPhone, you will be able to bypass the blocking of your favorite Internet resources. You will need to activate the service, and you are in a different state for everyone. Consequently, you can use banned sites without problems. The provider or organization will not know where you came from and where you went. More info https://yagupov.pro/

Many people do not even try to figure out how to enable VPN on the iPhone. And all for the reason that the procedure causes associations of something complicated and difficult for the average user. But this is absolutely not the case.

We will figure out with you how to enable VPN on the iPhone using the standard settings and the installed application. It should be noted that the instruction is suitable not only for the iPhone, but also for the iPod and iPad.

How to set up a VPN on the iPhone manually?

To understand the principle of the virtual private network, you need to consider the way of setting up manually. As a VPN service in the example will be used the free service VPN Gate with L2TP/IPsec. The configuration will be carried out on the iOS operating system. The setup process is as follows:

Go to “Settings” on your phone or tablet, and then select the option “VPN”, or “Basic” and “VPN”

In the “Type” line you have to specify L2TP

In the “Description” field, you have to specify an arbitrary name for connection

When all fields are filled in, it is necessary to enter address of VPN-server which is used to connect to Internet. To get the address of the server, you need to open the vpngate.net/en page. Here, select the best option in the large Public VPN Relay Servers table, in the L2TP/IPsec column. Only the servers that are up to date are those that are lit in green;

When the choice is made, you need to copy the numeric IP of your choice or the string with the ending …onengw.net in the “Server” field

In the lines “Account”, “Password” and “Shared key” you must write the word VPN

When all fields are filled in, click on “Done”.

If you want to start using private virtual network, you need to switch “Status” in menu of VPN settings to “ON”. If you want to disable – you need to remove the switch to “OFF” If everything is set correctly, then you will see the corresponding indicator in the upper panel. Now you know how to set up a VPN on your iPhone manually.

How to set up a VPN on the iPhone using the app?

If you compare the two methods, the way with the app is much easier and takes only a few minutes. You just have to install the VPN app on your smartphone, and once installed, you’ll see two buttons: “Enable” and “Disable”. Just one click on the screen is enough to start a VPN connection. You just need to go to the App Store and enter one of the apps there, which we’ll discuss below. They all have an intuitive interface, so you’re guaranteed to be able to figure out how to connect a VPN on your iPhone.

Possible problems when connecting a VPN to your iPhone

If your iPhone connects to the network via VPN, you’ll see information about it in the form of a corresponding icon in the top notification bar. There are situations when it starts to disappear unexpectedly. Often the cause of the malfunction is:

Unstable Internet connection;

malfunctions in the servers that offer the VPN.

If one of these errors occurs, you need to:

Manually disconnect and connect to the VPN;

Check whether your mobile Internet or Wi-Fi connection is stable;

Check if the specified settings are entered correctly;

if you connect with the settings, then simply install another service, it is possible that the service does not work;

try to disable antivirus or reboot your device.

What app should I choose for my iPhone?

Naturally, before you start surfing with maximum security, you need to pick the perfect app. It allows you not only to protect against external attacks, but it will not steal information from you.

We present you the top 3 apps for your iPhone.





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Now you know how to configure and use the VPN on your iPhone. You can be sure that this Virtual Private Network technology will be your assistant in many situations. Its relevance has grown at a time when thousands of interesting Internet resources are blocked every day. But try not to get too carried away with free VPNs if you transfer important data or make payments over the Internet, as free versions have their limitations and vulnerabilities. And for standard purposes it will be enough to set up a free VPN.

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