The Toyota Hilux – How do you prepare it for off-roading?

The Toyota Hilux is the pride of the pickup trucks for its workhorse nature. This is a truck that can carry your crew while hauling their luggage while being driven over a rough terrain.

Such are the capabilities of the Hilux but its offroading abilities are quite underrated. To unlock and make full use of its offroading potential, the following are some tips to prepare a Toyota Hilux for offroading:

Preparing Your Hilux for Offroading

Offroading a vehicle is more than just putting it in 4WD and hitting the throttle. This is especially the case with those who have a base variant of the Hilux. A driver should always remember that offroad trails can be dangerous.

Hence they should drive into one with complete preparation. This isn’t just about loading the Hilux with genuine Toyota parts. Of course, Toyotas are very reliable but there are some procedures to keep them that way.

It should be clean

Firstly, your Hilux should be spotless. This isn’t for aestheticism but it’s to remove any mud and debris that have built up in and on the car. They are dangerous because they cause wear over time. They also cause rust.

The truck should be cleaned thoroughly by removing the carpets. Every single crevice should be spotless. This will only benefit you in the long run, saving the truck from corrosion.

Its fluids and powertrain should be in order

The engine shouldn’t have any leaks in the seals or hoses. Check fluid levels for the oil, coolant, washer fluid, and the transmission fluid. Check the engine’s components such as the belts, filters and plugs.

Going to a work site can be in a remote area with no places for repairs. Despite this, any damaged parts should be replaced with genuine Toyota parts. But one should check the vehicle thoroughly before pursuing the journey.

Its gearbox and diffs should function

The gearbox is punished more in 4×4 mode and off-road. The same goes for the differentials, especially the rear one because the Hilux is always in RWD. Check the fluids in the transmission and the transfer case.

The differentials should be observed for any contamination or loss in the fluids. They should have casings around them to avoid any impurities in the fluids. Make sure there’s no water mixing with the fluids.

It should have a proper set of shocks

Suspension is a key component that correlates to your offroad capabilities. This is because it is responsible for ground clearance and handling. Suspension failure can be a nightmare, especially in a remote area.

This is why you should check out the joints and bushes of the shocks. Observe for any cracks or leaks before you hit the road. Look out for any strange noises and get them fixed immediately.

It should have the right gear and accessories

With the truck done, it’s time you take a look at your gear. You should have all sorts of essentials with you; an air compressor, torches, ropes, etc.; to name a few. It’s great to have aftermarket accessories on the Hilux as well.

Visibility is a key point and you should ensure that your vehicle has good lighting. This is so that you’re able to see the trail and the other off-roaders are able to see you.

It should have working tires and brakes

Tires carry your Hilux into the great outdoors and they must have some tread life remaining. They should be inflated at the proper pressure and rotated. Make sure you check the lug nuts to see if they aren’t loose.

You need the brakes to work so the calipers, rotors and the pads must be working. Their lines should also be free from any leaks or cracks. For an aftermarket shock system, ensure that your brakes can handle it.

The brakes are best to be replaced by genuine Toyota parts instead of going for an aftermarket choice.

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