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Top 3 Australian-Themed Slot Games

Australia is a lovely place and its culture has inspired lots of films and TV shows. But it has also inspired lots of game developers to create games based in Australia. This country is also important to the world of iGaming as there are many Aussie casino players online.

There are also lots of real money casinos in Australia that Australian players enjoy. Because of the laws of their country, they are free to enjoy casino games online at sites that accept Aussie players. These players have witnessed a variety of casino games and slots have been among them. Some of them are even based on Australian culture.

There are lots of such slots which is why you’ll get the 3 tops ones here:

Boomerang Bonanza

Boomerangs are typically associated with Australia and the Aborigines. But this slot will take you to a fictional national park in Australia where you’ll get to see some of the wildlife. You’ll get a fitting background as well as some nicely styled symbols. But what takes the game to the next level is the 4×4 grid, which doesn’t sound special, but it can rotate to the right when the Rotation bonus is triggered. In addition to this nice feature, you’ll also get a Wild as well as a Scatter symbol that triggers some free spins to make things interesting.

Australian Magic

The Aborigines are the primal or rather first Australians. Australia is lucky to have remnants of these tribes around to tell the tale of what used to be. They are inspiring people and they have inspired several games including Australian Magic. A setting sun can be seen in the background of this game and you’ll get chieftains as Wilds, as well as koalas, turtles, and kangaroos on the reels. Besides a worthy Wild, you’ll also get a Scatter that gives you some free spins to enjoy. Finally, it has a Risk game feature that lets you take a shot at doubling or losing your winnings.

Surf Zone

Surfing is one of the most popular things to do in Australia considering how many sandy beaches it has to offer. That’s why Surf Zone is an homage to the many surfing dudes and dudettes of Australia. It’s an animal slot as well because the surfers embody animal spirits and look pretty funky. You’ll see the vastness of the ocean in the background and various surfer animals on the reels. This one doesn’t have a Scatter so all the surfers and the Wild need to appear so you can trigger the free spins feature. Couple that with excellent mechanics and an array of prizes to make things spicy.


These are just 3 Australian-based slots, but they’re pretty good as they’re inspired by various aspects of Australian culture. There are more slots for you to discover if you’re into the land down under. These are on top because they will get you the proper entertainment you deserve and will leave you wanting more.


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