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VR and How It Is Impacting Online Slots 

Gambling and technology have proved great bedfellows in recent years and this is why the gambling industry is always ready and waiting for the next big technological breakthrough. This attitude has proved to be highly beneficial to the industry that has recently seen revenue hit record levels.

Gambling and technology have had a close relationship ever since 1996. This of course is the year when gambling went digital and the public experienced their first online casino and video slot. Both have been a great success and this has led to one long growth period for the gambling industry that shows no sign of stopping – play today.

Slots are getting bigger and better and some of the newer games are offering punters the possibility of huge returns on their stakes and this is without jackpot wins. The improvement in graphics is consistent too and this also helps to bring in new fans.

Future Prospects

With video slots in high demand, games developers are experimenting with new technology to make slots even more immersive than they already are. With most other entertainment moving that way too, it’s a case of the gambling industry keeping up with its competitors. Video games are already integrating 3D graphics and Virtual Reality into their game play and this offers a fully immersive and interactive gaming experience. This is also the next logical path for slots to take and 3D Virtual Reality slots that are fully interactive look to be the future of the slots industry. The games will obviously cost more to make and longer to produce but with revenue at an all time high, this should be a hurdle that is easy to clear.

A Taste Of Things To Come

Playing VR slots is just one of the aims of the future, the other is to offer punters a full virtual casino experience where you wear a VR headset and explore a virtual platform where you can interact with live dealers and other casino customers. Currently, Slotsmillion developed by Lucky VR is probably the best of the current VR casinos that offers punters a peak at the possibilities the future holds. There are no card games but there are over 40 slot machines. The gaming room is on the 80th floor and the view outside is that of a futuristic city. The slots can be played with real money unlike early VR slot casino efforts like Riftcasino that offered fully interactive body movement controlled slots but with no real money gambling.

Final Thoughts

Virtual reality slots have huge potential and they are definitely the future of slots gaming. New slots and existing classics could get the full VR treatment and slots will no longer be a semi immersive experience. Slot games of the future will probably involve gamers controlling the game with body movements. The key to the success here will be the quality of the graphics, ease of use and the acclimatization needed by punters to this new assault on the senses.

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