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You Can Be A Millionaire on Twitch Too

Love video gaming? Have the required skills and expertise? Want to grow your Twitch channel and be a millionaire? If your answer to all these questions is in the affirmative, know how to get Twitch followers and start on your journey right away.

This post will take you through what Twitch is all about, why you can earn handsomely by getting viewers and chatters, and finally, how to get Twitch followers.

So, let’s dive straight in.

The Twitch Platform

Twitch is a video streaming service that was started in 2013. After a year of nogrowth, it was acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon and straight away began its saga of explosive growth. By 2015, a year after the acquisition, the channel had 100 million monthly views and by 2020 reached an amazing 3 million monthly broadcasts, 1.5 million daily active users, and 1.4 million concurrent users.

On the way in 2017, Twitch displaced YouTube as the leader in video service and today accounts for 43% of all Internet-based video traffic in the world. The massive growth rate goes on as near the end of 2021, Twitch boasts an amazing 2.79 million average concurrent viewers, 105,000 average concurrent channels, and 8.54 million monthly broadcasts. Apart from gaming, Twitch is also into music streaming and broadcast of e-sports events.

If you live for gaming with a console in hand and spend most of your time playing video games, there is nothing better than to be on the Twitch platform to monetize your passion. In August 2019, the highest earner on Twitch was Ninja with 14 million followers and seven-figure incomes. If you can get even a fraction of the pie, you remain well-off for life. But to become a millionaire, you must first know how to get Twitch followers because that is the key to earning on Twitch.

You Can Be A Millionaire on Twitch Too

Why Should You Build a Following on Twitch

Before going into how to get Twitch followers, you should know why you should do so.

The answer to this question is to increase your following to earn more. When you have a large number of people following your channel on Twitch, it is an endorsement of the authenticity and value that your gaming skills bring to it.

Just like social media platforms where people are drawn to the profiles with large followings simply on the expectation of getting something unique, so it is with Twitch. Viewers become intrigued as to the cause of the large following and will themselves start to follow you to know more, thereby increasing the numbers faster.

As soon as you get a fair number of followers, enough to get noticed, you start to earn more. Top and leading companies will want to promote their products and services on your channel to take advantage of the wide reach and scope.

Being Internet-based, Twitch followers represent the global community. Your followers too will be from all corners of the world. This is what the brands want – to have worldwide accessfor their products with the least marketing effort. In return, for extending the privilege to them, your earnings can be very lucrative by any yardstick.

Another way to rake in dollars, once you have mastered the art of how to get Twitch followers and have been successful in it, is to sell personalized merchandise on your channel. Open a virtual storefront and stock it with various items with a logo and a message representing your channel imprinted on each of them. Be creative and get such in-demand items as T-shirts, coffee mugs, laptop covers, and more. Promote the store on your channel and watch your dedicated followers emptying the shelves.

For all these reasons, focus on how to get Twitch followers and watch your Twitch channel growexponentially.

How to Get Twitch Followers

There are two strategies that you can adopt for how to get Twitch followers.

Thefirstis to grow your channel organically and slowly and steadily build up your band of followers. This can be a slow and painstaking method and it can even be a couple of years before you have enough followers to make a positive impact on your earnings. The advantage of this method is that these are genuine followers and will stay loyal and dedicated to your channel in the long run. They will buy your merchandise and donate to your channel to support you for growth.

The second plan is to buy Twitch followers to quickly grow your channel. But unlike the previous strategy, you will have to exercise a lot of caution here.

Research the Internet to select authentic and reputed sites that provide genuine followers. There are too many sites that offer fake followers who fade away after some time, leaving you back at square one. The number of followers might grow quickly but will drop equally fast.

Next, avoid sites that provide a large number of followers very fast. These sites use bots and automation, a practice that goes against Twitch policies. If you artificially inflate numbers through bots, you might even get banned from the channel.

For choosing the right sites, opt for one that offers customer support 24×7. Twitch followers are from various time zones and play at odd hours. A site with round-the-clock support is credible and proves that it cares for its customers. You can also buy followers from these sites in numbers as per your convenience, either in bulk or about 1,000 at a time.

Keep these factors in mind when deciding on a strategy of how to get Twitch followers.


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