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DraftKings Casino Michigan Expects Exclusive DK Craps Game

DraftKings is rolling out its new online casino table game which has been developed by the in-house DraftKings development team. This game will bring players a DraftKings branded, classic craps game, which will feature its own custom graphics. This might not sound like such a big deal, but surprisingly, classic craps tables are not so easy to find in U.S online casinos, despite them being a regular feature at a walk-in casino.

DraftKings casino MI found here will lead you to world-class casino gaming entertainment, with a huge variety of table games and online video slots, as well as the chance to bet on your favourite sports with DraftKings sports book. Make sure to check out the bonus where you can take advantage of up to $2000 in bonus money with the 100% match bonus, as well as $50 in free credits.

Branching Out

Custom games are an imperative part of DraftKings business model as they create a path for growth in the online games sector. Consistent development is seen as a key strategy that helps it grow in the competitive casino space, and right now, DraftKings has 33 custom made casino game titles which includes the addition of the latest development. And the entire set up is available on both iOS and Android mobile apps.

There is a particular focus on classic casino table games, with blackjack taking up most of the shelf space. Currently, DraftKings has a collection of the following games which help it to deliver the best online casino experience:

  • 6 Video Slot titles
  • 5 Roulette game titles
  • 5 Baccarat game titles
  • 16 Blackjack game titles
  • 1 Keno game title
  • 1 War game title
  • 1 Craps game title

DraftKings has claimed that it has developed several more titles, however, saying that 50 in total have been produced by its in-house development and technology team. Most of these extra titles are seasonal products such as Christmas Blackjack, and March Mania Roulette, but there are some regional titles such as Pistons Blackjack, which is focused on the Michigan region.

Online Craps – An Unchallenged U.S Casino Market Space

Although it may be few and far between, there is still a little bit of market competition in the online casino craps sector; but nothing at all when comparing it to other popular casino games like blackjack or roulette. Just 4 online casinos from New Jersey offer an online craps product, which is less than 13% of all the online casinos currently available in the region. These casinos are:

  • Scores Casino
  • Pala Casino
  • Tropicana Casino
  • Virgin Casino

These 4 operations are solely available in New Jersey, and the product is only available for playing via the browser and is not available through the mobile casino app.

From its bigger competitors, such as FanDuel, BetMGM Casino, and BetRivers, online craps is not on their list of games. This means that once DK Craps has launched, it will become the only online craps product which is available in the state of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan. Moreover, it will become the first real-money craps game to be made available through mobile devices across the entire US.

There may be other craps titles out there which can be played for real money, however, this will be the first legal craps app product.

Why the Struggle?

So, the question remains, why is there a limited availability of online craps games, especially with the evolution of online casinos? Especially for such A prominent casino fixture, here are a few of the reasons why not many online casinos host craps games:

  • Craps relies heavily on the atmosphere generated through the crowd which gathers around the table. It is much more of a group activity than one of solitary.
  • A player will not be able to walk away following any roll, but instead has to wait for the point number or seven.
  • Craps is quite a complex game where traditionally you learn as you play with the help of other players around the table.

What DraftKings has focused on is the complexity of the rules, so DK Craps will include contextual help, a tutorial, and you will be able to place combination bets very similar to how you can in a casino.

Craps Made Easy

Casino game rules are not always the easiest to read in terms of odds and payouts, however, DK Craps eliminates the difficulties in predicting and learning casino games by offering a basic explanation demonstrated in a tutorial which will load on launch. One that offers visual and logical learning. There is also a more advanced tutorial option available, which will go into further detail about the various bets available. Players will be able to place bets efficiently, as well as having a constant ‘question mark’ icon available which will explain any uncertainties.


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