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How Betting Have Become Popular in the US

Ever since the early Romans placed money on who would win the chariot races, betting has been incredibly popular and associated with the excitement of the sport. For years after years, people have been gambling on match results and it is often said that betting is as old as the sports themselves.

But in these years, betting is experiencing rising popularity with record-high amounts of betters for sports events. For the 2021 Super Bowl, 23,2 million Americans betted on the match result for a total amount of 4,3 billion dollars. It is expected the US betting industries’ 1-billion-dollar revenue in 2020 would already have been six folded in 2023.

So why is betting suddenly becoming so popular? To answer that question, let’s look at a couple of key factors behind the massive rise in popularity.

Federal laws
Previously gambling and betting have been controlled by massive regulation in The United States. That was especially helped by a federal law that banned all sports betting. But in 2018 the US Supreme Court removed the federal ban on sports betting, which allowed the states to individually legalize sports betting. Today half of the states in the US have decided to legalize betting, which will lead to a massive boost for the tax revenues in the states.

The quick introduction of betting has led to a quick huge success for the betting industry who quickly turned into a billion-dollar industry. It is expected the industry will achieve yearly revenues of 19 billion dollars if all 50 states will legalize gambling.

Online revolution
Previously you had to show up at the local bookmaker’s location to be able to place a bet. With the internet, betting has been revolutionized. Anytime, anywhere betters can place their bets. In Europe, bookmakers are even advertising with sports fans at stadiums placing live bets, while they are watching the match. Live bets are another online revolution that has been added to the betting. Previously all bets had to be made before the event started. Now the odds can be updated all the time during the matches.

Wanna try yourself?
Betting is on a massive rise in the US with a lot of bookmakers giving different bonuses and entry offerings. If you want to start betting it can be difficult to know which bookmaker to use since they are all in a war against each other for your attention.

Therefore, it can be a good idea to use a betting guide, that will show you where to find the best, licensed betting platforms with the best bonuses. Here you’ll be directed to some of the best betting sites and get to know about the local betting regulations. Just remember the most important tip: Never bet for more than you can afford to lose.

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